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Hand Blown Italian Bowl

Stunning rare hand blown Italian Murano glass bowl.

Large size, measures: 16.5"x16.5"x7"

Excellent vintage condition, no notable flaws. Original condition unaltered, some normal imperfections due to age.

Venetian glass making originated 1500 years ago. It was considered an extremely extravagant and valuable commodity. Glass makers were once mandated to move from Venice to the island of Murano. It was said that is was because glass factories frequently caught fire and the buildings in Venice were mostly wooden, there was fear that glassmakers’ furnaces would ignite the city. It was later noted that it was because they wanted the craft of the trade to remain secret. So valuable that it was passed down to children as inheritance. That’s how it came to be in 1291, all glassmakers who lived in Venice were ordered to move to Murano, a cluster of nearby islands connected by bridges. By cloistering the artisans away on Murano, their skills and trade secrets proliferated for centuries and it became the glassmakers’ wonderland that it remains today.