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Natural Essential Oils- Lavender

Goloka Natural Essential Oils are a must have for any one seeking balance and progress. If you have never used Essential Oils before, you will be amazed at their powerfully therapeutic effect on your life. You can put essential oils in your baths, diluted in a massage oil or put in a diffuser for inhalation.

Essential oils are renowned for their ability to promote spiritual focus, enhance mental clarity, and emotional well-being. Choose the aroma that best suits your needs and mood, and feel its healing effect!

A 10ml bottle of 100% pure high quality lavender natural essential oil - Lavendula angustifolia - Mildest and most effective of all essential oils, helps to restore balance, encourages relaxation and sleep.

Vegan and cruelty free.

Can be used in a variety of ways including diluting with water and using in oil burners, diffusers or humidifiers, or mixing with a carrier oil and using as an aromatherapy treatment. Always dilute with a carrier oil for massage and skin treatments. Avoid contact with eyes and broken skin. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.